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Tahoe Basics in The News

Made in Tahoe Festival returns to Squaw Valley [Tahoe Daily Tribune]

More than 60 local vendors will highlight an annual festival that celebrates its third year Saturday and Sunday. The Made in Tahoe Festival takes place at The Village at Squaw Valley and includes live music and entertainment in addition to its local wares. “Participating local businesses include Riverside Art Studios, Tahoe Basics, California 89, Rise Designs and Eko Kreations, just to name a few,” according to a press release from organizers. Read more…

Meet Your Merchant: Tahoe Basics logo designs take off [Truckee Sun]

It was just another day on his drive home from work, and Randy Anger dropped down Dollar Hill and took in the sweeping view of the lake. “It just came to me,” Randy said. “‘Home’ just kinda popped in my head. I went home frantically and drew it up and sketched it out.” From Randy’s epiphany on his drive home, Tahoe Basics’ design of the outline of California with the shape of Lake Tahoe standing as the “O” in “HOME” was created. Read more…

I Love Lake Tahoe – Why the Lake Tahoe silhouette is everywhere [Moonshine Ink]

Tahoe Basics, which makes T-shirts, napkins, glassware, and bumper stickers, took off as a new business last year with its products that feature the state of California with the Lake Tahoe silhouette as the letter O in the word “Home.”

“It put us over the top as a business,” said Randy Anger, who owns Tahoe Basics (also responsible for the Keep Tahoe Bearable shirts) with his wife Tracy. His products are already in 20 stores, and Anger recently reprinted another 1,000 shirts. (Interestingly, he attributes the popularity of the Tahoe image to the blue lake silhouettes on the mile markers that went in around the lake in 1999.) Read more…

Lake Tahoe’s private chef industry redefines the home-cooked meal [Tahoe Daily Tribune]

Outside of the kitchen, the entrepreneur showcases his creativity through his merchandise and apparel company, Tahoe Basics, a popular brand worn by both locals and visitors.

“I would never have expected this industry to take off like it is right now, and I’m lucky because I got in early enough that I get to watch it transform from an affluent thing into something that’s more family oriented and more economically accessible,” Anger said. “And it’s not just growing as a service, but as a profession, too, because I think the internet really opened the door to exploring different cuisines, and that’s when self-taught chefs became more abundant.”



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2018 Made in Tahoe Festival

If you haven’t been to it before, you have to check out the Made in Tahoe Festival at Squaw Valley this Memorial Day weekend. The events start at 11:00 on Saturday May 27th and Sunday 28th in The Village at Squaw Valley.

The Made in Tahoe Festival has become a major Tahoe event over the past few years, last year was the biggest and their is no reason not to believe that this one will not be even bigger. Food trucks, a beer garden, tons of vendors, events for all ages and live music. Non stop all day.

Tahoe Basics will have all our new gear for sale and we will be doing some great hoodie and T specials.

Click here for the Made in Tahoe Event schedule at Squaw Valley


Tahoe Soup Can T Shirt


Steal Your Lake Women’s T


Old School Tahoe Girl’s T



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New ‘Old School Tahoe’ T shirts, Hoodies and Stickers from Tahoe Basics (Summer of 2018)

Check out our NEW Summer Designs

For all the high top sneaker lovers of the past and present this ‘Old School Tahoe” design is for you. It is our art rendition of high tops with a Lake Tahoe emblem added. We started to notice how many teen kids are rocking the Converse high tops so we decided to our homage to canvas legendary sneaks.

Available in adult and kid’s T’s and hoodies. All these designs have our Tahoe Basics logo on the back.

Enjoy and as always Thanks for the support.

Old School Women’s T


Old School Tahoe Men’s T


Old School Kid’s Hoodie


Old School Kid’s T


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Why the Bear League of Lake Tahoe is So Important

Lake Tahoe without bears? Say what?

Well the Tahoe Bear League makes sure that never happens. As development expands in Tahoe, we are pushing further into the black bear’s natural habitat and increasing the chances of interaction with bears. The Bear League’s main goal is to educate locals and visitors the guidelines of keeping you and your family bear safe. If you are having bear issues please be pro active and reach out to the Bear League and let them help. If you rent your house, it’s always smart to have the Bear League info readily available for your renters

Lake Tahoe Bear League

530 525 7297


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Where our HOME t-shirts end up?

We have been AMAZED where our shirts have been popping up at. Photos keep coming into our Facebook and email from all over the U.S. and the world. If you are wearing any of our Tahoe Basics gear, please take a second to take a picture and send it our way. We will post it or put in one of our future videos. THANK YOU!